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Tom Hackett, university professor and former vice president of human resources says:

“SNAP exceeds my expectations. Some highlights I particularly enjoyed and value are as follows:
✓ SNAP is for leaders, managers and front line practitioners.
✓ Remember, SNAP can be used immediately, out of the box.
✓ SNAP is neither expensive nor complex.
✓ SNAP tool skills can and will improve with use.”

That basically sums it up.

Find a workflow. Find a spot to insert a SNAP message. Do it now. SNAP is available for you immediately, out of the box. Use SNAP consistently. Listen to your customers and improve your SNAP statements. Continue to use SNAP. Develop your SNAP habit. Review and improve again, and again, and again. Don’t listen to those excuses. They will come to you and will come from others. Don’t listen to them. Choose to use SNAP. Be strong. Be creative. Connect with your customers. Care about outcomes and results. Become a SNAP expert.

SNAP is yours; it is all about you. It will help you be more effective, more productive, less stressed and in greater control.

SNAP is your customer’s; it is all about your customer. It will help them better understand what you are doing for them. It will help their perception about your service levels. It will allow your customers to be less stressed. They will experience higher levels of service.

SNAP is all about your company. If you care about your company, use SNAP to drive customer loyalty. To drive revenue.

Out SNAP your competition.

Thank you for taking time to explore SNAP. The challenge now is for you to choose to use and embrace SNAP. Put it to use. Push it. Pummel it. Pound it. Put it to the test. Become proud of your SNAP abilities.

Know that your initial use of SNAP will be simple, basic and not overly sophisticated. And that is good. Let your use of SNAP start small, nurture it. Be consistent with your use. Don’t settle for that one, first statement. Use that first statement, and add more. Go ahead, add more.

Please, continue to focus on expectations. This idea is not new; it has been around for centuries.

“Life is largely a matter of expectation.” This is attributed to Horace, Roman poet and historian, who lived from 65 BC to 8 BC. Yes, centuries ago, he wrote about expectations.

Know that expectations are a part of the human condition. Use SNAP to set expectations and then meet and exceed them.

The absolutely most difficult part of SNAP is that it is here, it is now. It costs you nothing. You can use it right away. You can “train” yourself. You don’t need to be an expert before you start. You don’t need permission. You don’t need to do anything but go ahead and use SNAP.

So, go ahead and use SNAP.

Use it today.

© 2012, Philip Espinosa. All rights reserved.

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Philip Espinosa

As a strategic human resources leader, Philip Espinosa partners with people to deliver value: People | Partnerships | Value serves as his tag line. He believes that service starts with the customer. His book "Deliver Excellent Customer Service with a SNAP” helps others drive customer engagement using simple and consistent communication strategies. A second book titled "Focus On Your Success - 24 Simple Insights To Drive Daily Achievement" (ebook) helps working professionals view their daily choices through a different perspective. In addition to his writing, Philip works with strategic human capital initiatives and has delivered successful results over a career spanning more than 25 years. 

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