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This guide gives you a quick and to the point overview of SNAP.  SNAP is a simple, easy to use communication technique. Use it to connect with your customers.

Use this worksheet to draft out your SNAP Statements. Start by defining the major idea you want to convey to your customer, and then draft out a short statement for…

This Quick Start Guide will help you get up and running with SNAP statements in no time! Focus your communications on what your customers value.

A Sample outline to assist you getting started with a SNAP training program. Introduce SNAP, move through key workflows, customize SNAP for each participant and engage in routine practice.

Outline for setting the rhythm of your training program. Consider concept, scenarios, case studies, breakout sessions and the sharing of participant input. Components can be mixed and configured any way…

Terms and conditions of use for content purchased / downloaded from this site. This is a handy reference for your use.

Invest in your SNAP Mastery. This outline will provide you the steps necessary to move from Level One to Level Five.